How you can support Ensemble Reza

We are very grateful to our Ensemble Reza Friends.  With their support in the last year we have been able to run a busy concert series including evening, family and free lunchtime concerts and three community orchestra projects.  Since September 2016 we have given 25 concerts and performed to over 2100 people. 

 If you would like to consider supporting Ensemble Reza further, we are currently fundraising for three different projects and any donation would be very gratefully received. 

'The group for me is a constant source of joy and inspiration and full of surprises!!! A pleasure to support them and you.'  Linda Bridges
'We left feeling very uplifted from the array of music and all the inspirational people involved with Ensemble Reza.' Steve & Ann Martin 


 Ensemble Reza is a registered charity no 1158708

 photo by hannah carter

photo by hannah carter

The Ensemble Reza Lunchtime Concert Series

The Ensemble Reza concert series already benefits from the Friends contribution.  Next year we have an exciting programme planned including performances from Ensemble Reza musicians and friends including Jane Haughton.  

The series from January – December 2018 will cost over £3500.  We currently need to raise £1500.

This year the lunchtime concert series has been supported by Haywards Heath Town Council and Coleman’s Solicitors. 

“Just an exquisite way to spend one hour. What more could you ask for - top virtuoso musicians playing a programme of music that never fails to please .... for free!”

“It’s a great asset to the town to have a high quality recital series easily accessible and in the daytime. A very informal atmosphere, free admission means that nobody need feel excluded by cost. Children are made very welcome too! ”

Ensemble Reza debut recording

After much demand from our audience for a CD we now have a recording ready to produce featuring Dvořák’s String Sextet in A Major and a lighter programme of popular classics, jazz and folk music. 

In order to print 1000 copies we now need to raise £900.  This will cover the print design, MCPS license and production fee. 


 Photo by alison willows

Photo by alison willows

 photo by hannah carter

photo by hannah carter

Ensemble Reza Commission

We are very excited to be in discussion with composer Matthew King with regards to a commission for the Ensemble Reza sextet.  This project would also coincide with an education project with local secondary schools from Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill and Hove. 

The commission would cost approximately £7000 for a piece of music lasting between 20-25 minutes. We have not started fundraising for this project yet and hope to secure some funding from Arts Council England.    

'Ensemble Reza musicians have provided inspirational creative leadership which has given many local children and their families access to music in a way which broadens and enriches their creative and personal outlook. Our most gifted musicians across the County have also benefited from Ensemble Reza’s specialist master-classes and coaching.'
'West Sussex Music is proud to be in a strategic partnership that has had such a positive impact and is particularly grateful to Hannah Carter for her drive and enthusiasm in making these life changing projects possible.' James Underwood, Chief Executive of West Sussex Music Trust